Tangier Bar and Restaurant
1801 Lombard St, Philadelaphia, PA || (215) 732-5006

The History of Tangier

1801 Lombard has been serving drinks sinces the 60's, when it was a drag queen bar. Notice our elevated platform in the back of the bar, that was once the drag queen state. During the 70's it served the graduate hospital as RN's. In 1982 Jack Roe bought the bar and established Tangier as we still know it today. You'll have to ask Jack where the name comes from, though Tangier is a city in Morocco!

The Camel Head

One can't help but notice the five foot camel in our window. You also can't help but notice that he is missing a big part of his body, his head. On one drunken hazing Thursday night, 10-15 years ago, the camel lost his head. Ever since then, we have frantically searched for his head, or alternatives, for said head. For many years, a mannequin head, provided a drinking mouth for our camel. So we are offering a reward for our camel head or an acceptable alternatives. Stop in for a free beer in exchange for a head.